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Supporters for Vulnerable Children Tanzania, established in July 2019, is on a mission to create a community free from vulnerable children. We believe in the power of love to transform lives. Our commitment is to connect vulnerable children with caring families, ensuring they receive the alternative care and essential support they need. We value open communication, the spirit of sharing, active community participation, and a relentless focus on making a positive impact. Since our inception, we have served over 25 children in more than 10 families, and our journey to change lives and build a brighter future for our community continues with your invaluable support
At Supporters for Vulnerable Children Tanzania, our mission is to bridge the gap between vulnerable children and loving families, providing them with alternative care and meeting their essential needs.
We envision a community free from vulnerable children, where every child's future is filled with hope and opportunity.

What We Do?

We believe that we can bring more smiles with you

Sustainability Focus

We believe that a sustainable community created a safer, responsible and nurturing home to all children, and we are committed to contribute to SDGs locally with global goals

Young Adults Ageing Out

We work closely with Children's home to support young adults to transition responsibly and independently by imparting them with digital and vocational skills.

Health Care Insurance

This insurance coverage brings peace of mind to parents, and children homes knowing that their children's health needs are secured.Allowing caregivers to concentrate on children's growth

Education & Training

We are committed to providing quality education to vulnerable children as well as organizational capacity to foster growth of Children they take care of before transition.

Family Strengthening

We understand the importance of a safe and nurturing home environment for children's peace of mind and growth. We build family capacity socially, emotionally and economically

Children with Disability

We engage in improving living conditions for children with disabilities in their comes through empowering communities to support vulnerable children.






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Our 5 Years Plans of Actions 2024-2029

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9:00am - 4:00 pm

Pugu, Dar Es Salaam

Pre Christmas Students' Charity

We are delighted to partner with young adults in the Universities and Colleges who willingly with the heart of love and caring will join us at our Offices for a Pre Christmas giving to 25 children under our support and care. We welcome you to join these beautiful souls and hands that wipe tears and bring joy and smile.

Join Now

29-Jan to 8-Feb 2024

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pugu Dar Es Salaam

EmpowerCare Training

First session of our first Phase of Caregivers vocational and life skills training for entrepreneurship on Soap making and local dying making (Batiki) was conducted to 5 caregivers where 3 of them have 3 children with Disability

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Ms. Sahar Matiku

Health & Entrepreneurship Officer

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Mrs. Peace Mpango

Director Legal Affairs & Administration

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Ms. Neema Robert

Director of Operations

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Mr. William Matiku

Director of Finance

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Let’s make a difference in the lives of others

At Supporters for Vulnerable Children Tanzania, we believe in the power of individuals to create lasting change. Whether you're a healthcare professional, a home economics enthusiast, an English teacher, a science and mathematics expert, or simply someone willing to dedicate your time and skills, we invite you to be a part of our mission to uplift vulnerable children.


Whe believe in global Vision achieving through local Actions

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From Our Blog

Latest news & articles directly from our blog


"Nurturing Healthy Futures: Children Healthcare in Tanzania"

In the heart of Tanzania, where resilience meets hope, Supporters for Vulnerable Children Tanzania is committed to nurturing the health of the youngest members of our community. In this post, we explore the landscape of children's healthcare in Tanzania and the impactful initiatives we've undertaken to ensure a brighter, healthier future for every child.
Key Points:
Healthcare Landscape: Tanzania, like many regions, faces challenges in children's healthcare. Limited access to medical facilities and resources poses a threat to the well-being of vulnerable children.
Our Impact: Through your support, we've made significant strides. From providing vaccinations to offering health education and regular check-ups, our organization is making a tangible difference in the lives of these children.
Preventive Measures: We believe in the power of prevention. Our healthcare initiatives focus not only on treating illnesses but also on preventive measures to ensure the long-term health and happiness of vulnerable children.
Be Part of it Join us in creating a healthier future for vulnerable children in Tanzania. Your donation can support essential healthcare initiatives and make a lasting impact. Donate Now


"Empowering Hearts and Hands: Caregivers' Vocational Skills and Training"

Behind every thriving child is a caregiver empowered with knowledge and skills. In this post, we shed light on our commitment to uplifting caregivers through vocational skills and training, a transformative journey that strengthens the support system for vulnerable children.
Key Points:
The Role of Caregivers: Caregivers play a pivotal role in shaping a child's future. Our vocational skills and training programs empower them with the tools needed for sustainable livelihoods.
Skills Development Programs: From sewing to carpentry, our initiatives provide caregivers with practical skills, opening doors to new opportunities and economic independence.
Success Stories: Meet caregivers whose lives have been transformed through training. Their stories showcase the ripple effect, positively impacting not only their lives but also the children under their care.
Are you ready to join us? Support our caregivers on their journey to empowerment. Learn more about our vocational skills programs and consider making a donation to ensure their continued success.Get in touch


"Building Bridges: Partnerships for Capacity Building in 2024"

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, Supporters for Vulnerable Children Tanzania is excited about the possibilities that partnerships bring. In this post, we explore the strategic alliances that are shaping our capacity-building initiatives and propelling us toward a future of greater impact.
Key Takeaways:
Strategic Alliances: We believe in the strength of collaboration. Highlighting key partners, we emphasize the importance of working together to amplify our impact on vulnerable children.
Capacity Building Initiatives: Explore specific programs and initiatives crafted in partnership with organizations that share our vision. Together, we are enhancing skills, resources, and infrastructure.
Shared Vision for 2024: We invite you to be a part of our journey. Discover the collective goals we've set for the upcoming year, and learn how your support can contribute to the success of these initiatives.
Join the cause Become a catalyst for change in 2024. Explore opportunities for collaboration, partnership, or support and join us in building bridges towards a future where every child thrives.Get Involved